Cyprus Turkish Computer Engineers Chamber (KTBMO), is the most active NGO that participates in making of ICT policies for the country. With members from academy, public and private sectors, KTBMO is frequently organizing educational and informative sessions reaching different parts of community to raise awareness.

Organizing educational activities is one of the main goal of KTBMO. With funding from organizations like European Union, variety of educational programs are presented to members. Members receive certification once these sessions are completed. Web technologies, virtualization, cloud computing and mobile development are some of the most recent trainings organized. In addition to technical topics, training on other vital engineering fields like Project Management are provided. Many of our members have recently received PMP Certifications and are actively developing their skills in this area.

Our main goal is to reach out to a wider audience with this web site. This way we can introduce ourselves to those new university graduates who want to join us or learn more about our activities. Membership information and required documents can be reached here.

More detailed information regarding KTBMO can be found within the website or requested directly from us via the links below.

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