Established in 1993, Chamber of Computer Engineers is a public non-govermental organization that operates under KTMMOB (Union of Architects and Engineers Chambers) like other 14 profession chambers. Members of the chamber hold a Computer Engineering degree. yılında kurulan Bilgisayar Mühendisleri Odası (BMO) tüzel kişiliğe sahip kamu yararına hizmet veren, kamu kurumu niteliğinde bir meslek kuruluşudur. Bilgisayar Mühendislerini bünyesinde toplayan BMO, KTMMOB çatısı altında çalışan 14 meslek odasından biridir.


Aiming to make Computer engineering, computing, information and communication technologies to serve for the good of public, we work for;

  1. Investigating, improving and analyzing all the documents like regulations, tender documents related with profession for the good of Computer Engineers.
  2. Doing necessary research for local community so that we can catch the innovations of Information Age;
  3. Creating a labor force that makes use of best practices of ICT in parallel with global standards;
  4. Outlining and regulating public and private sectors that Computer Engineers work in;
  5. Acting in accordance with the goals and regulations of Chamber.
  6. Defining the scope of ICT projects. Based on their scopes, enforcing public organs to create required patents and regulations. Where necessary take opinions of engineers to the Parliament and demand preparation of required laws;


Board members as agreed by the general assembly on 24 March 2012 which will server for 2 years:


Bora Tüccaroğlu President
Evren Çavdır Administrative Board Member
Hüseyin Güney Administrative Board Member
Yasemin Vekil Administrative Board Member
Kemal Özçınar Administrative Board Member
Hatice Özsaltık Reserve Member
Umur Yımaz Reserve Member



Zihni Turkan President
Bora Tüccaroğlu Member
Mehmet Aksoy Member
Yıltan Bitirim Member



Sultan Taçyıldız
Mehmet Aksoy



Our organisation has 78 natural and active members. Distribution according to university gradauation:

UniversityTotal Members
Eastern Mediterranean University 30
Turkey Universities 11
Near East University 7
International Cyprus University 5
Lefke European University 3
Other 4



Application forms to KTBMO can be found: here . Applicants should fill this form and visit KTMMOB secretary in person with required additional documents.


We have formed committees below to facilitate effective work in differnet areas;

Proje Yönetim Profesyonellerini 10. Uluslararası Proje Yönetim Gününü dünya ile ayni anda kutlamaya davet ediyoruz.
Odamızın 18. Olağan Genel Kurul duyurusu
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